Prepare to Enter Hyperspace…

Perhaps it’s a function of the endless winter weather here in Seattle.  Every year I somehow arrive at July 4th wondering what happened to the Spring.  It still feels like March outside…

This year the Spring has been particularly blurry.  Lots going on, mostly good, but keeping this blog, let along my own consciousness, up to date has fallen by the wayside.

So let’s review:

April 21-28:  Family reconnaisance trip to Missoula.  With the help of the grandparents to watch the girls, we were able to look at many neighborhoods and houses.  Found a great place in the Rattlesnake area.  Ran with Mike Foote and Seth Swanson and was hugely impressed by the immediate access to great trail.  6 trail runs over the week without the use of a car!

May 3:  Dissertation defense.  Maggie surprised me by organizing a great group of friends to attend the presentation and post-func.  The support of friends was quite touching, though it did seem to distract me a bit during my presentation.  In the end, I passed and my dissertation was accepted for final submission. 

May 20:  Sun Mt 50-Miler.  Great weekend in Mazama with the Hugnuts.  I had a solid run, placing second behind Seth.  I stuck with him for about the first 10 miles, then he surged and I knew his pace was above my level.  I ran steady and felt pretty strong, but I did suffer some mental fatigue late in the race.  The brain is a bit tired…

May 23-25:  Patagonia Off-Site in Bend.  Great conversations with all the key players.  The product is really taking off and it’s exciting to be a part of that.  Great run along the Deschutes River Trail with the full group and a tour of Smith Rock with Bronco.  Excellent to get some trail time with him during his final build up to SD100 (which he smashed!).

May 26-28:  Jurek Bachelor Party in Las Vegas.  Solid group and a good time.  Got to check out Mt Charleston, an incredibly impressive 12,000 peak just outside of LV.  Super cool 17 mile loop that definitely ranks among my all time highlights.  Evening activities were appropriately inappropriate.

May 30-31:  Patagonia video shoot in Olympic National Park with Bryan and Tim from Reel Water Productions.  Really fun project and I think the final product spots will be quite compelling.  I went into this starting to feel a bit under the weather, and by the time I got home, I was sicker than sick.

That sickness set me back big time.  I spend several days in bed, unable to do much of anything.  Worst illness since mono back in high school.  It wasn’t until late June that I finally felt close to normal.

June 9th:  Graduation…great to have family in town to share in this milestone.  It was a big one.

June 23:  Crew and pace Krissy at Western.  An historic day at WS and Krissy was right in the middle of it.  After a sluggish start, she got stronger and stronger all day and her last mile was no doubt her fastest.  I was along from Green Gate to the finish and it was a blast…steadily moving up the field and passing both Nikki Kimball and Lizzy Hawker in the last 5 miles.  Inspiring effort!

June 27:  Closed on the sale of our house in Seattle.

July 2:  Closed on the purchase of our new place in Missoula.

Maggie is now done with work, the move is staged, and our focus shifts to starting our next phase of life in Missoula.  We are very excited.  But before we skip town on 7/30, there is the not so small matter of the Angeles Crest 100 on 7/21.  Stoked to be going back this monument.