Shintesu 5 Mountains Race

Quick update here…I made it to Japan for the Shinetsu 5 Mountains Race.  With the fire smoke in Missoula getting worse, we loaded up the family and drove to Seattle on Wednesday after class.  After a nice evening with family and morning jog with Maggie (our first jog together without the kids in over 2 years!), I hopped a 1:00 PM flight to Narita (Tokyo) on Thursday, arriving at 3:00 PM Friday.  6 more hours, 3 trains and a wild car ride later delivered me to the race site quite ready for some sleep. Fortunately, the hotel obliged and a logged a solid 9 hours.  I work up feeling great, zipped off a few emails and was reminded by Jakki that chasing two little girls around has perhaps inoculated me from sleep deprivation….who knows?  We’ll test that theory tomorrow!

I’m enjoying a nice, relaxing day today, getting myself organized for tomorrow.  A field of 800 runners is registered and it clearly feels like a big deal.  No idea what to expect, other than 110ks of running.  Feeling good and ready to go!

The website is all in Japanese, but opening it with Google Chrome and using the translator function is helpful…have a look if you’re interested.