Organizations I am proud to represent. Thank you for the support!

Patagonia simply makes the best gear in the most responsible ways possible.  They are tireless in their pursuit of performance product with minimal impact.  I am honored by and deeply thankful for their support.

The great people at Omnibar have welcomed me into their family.  This is a collaboration between some fantastic local folks, making real food that can fuel you for the long haul.  Check these bars out and you’ll be surprised.  Look at the ingredients - there are few and you can pronounce all of them! 

I’ve been using fish and flax oil products from Barlean’s for about 3 years.  They make high-quality supplements that you can trust.  For non-vegetarians, supplementing with an omnivorous blend of oils is optimal for recovery, fighting inflammation and overall wellness.

UltrAspire is taking hydration packs and bottles to the next level.  Some very exciting and innovative products will hit the market in early 2012.  Get some!

SportMulti is a great multivitamin.  I try very hard to get all the nutrients I need from my daily diet, but SportMulti does a great job of closing the gap.